To get House of Mark usually, students arrive at Edinburgh, depending on the time of your arrival you can choose to stay in Edinburgh for the night. We suggest kickass hostel in Grassmarket. Booking flights early saves money, arriving mid-week can also save money.

To get to Kickass hostel take the Airlink 100 bus from Edinburgh airport (every ten minutes during the day and every thirty minutes at night, bus tickets cost approximately £5.30) from outside the airport terminal to Edinburgh Waverley. Then use Google maps and walk ten minutes to Kickass. You can book your accommodation online

To get to House of Mark there the following possibilities,

1.When you arrive at Edinburgh Airport, directly outside of the terminal, you can buy a ticket at the kiosk and take the Airlink 100 bus to Edinburgh Waverley which is the last stop, the journey takes about 30 minutes. The Airlink 100 bus operates 24/7. Then you can get the train from the Edinburgh Waverley train station to Montrose.

2. Get the train from Edinburgh Waverley train station to Dundee and then the number 21 bus to Edzell (note that from Dundee railway station to Dundee Seagate bus station is 10 minutes walk). The 21 bus leaves Dundee at  fifty five minutes past the hour.

You can save money by booking train tickets in advance ).  But note you can only use your ticket for the train you booked not any other time so consider your timing carefully. We will arrange to collect you in either Montrose or Edzell.questions-2408093_1920

If you have any questions please email or contact us just right here.

Your Hosts

The hosts

Ian and Priscecil Burrill (and Lola, of course)